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Myths about the pink diamond investment

With a bad reputation and dotted with the doubtful practices of certain actors: the pink diamond investment market is not without controversy. Therefore, Argyle Diamond Investments believes that it is necessary to regulate the sector on which it rests and remember that good practices exist. To help shed some light on this sector, the pink diamond investment website reviews the 10 most widespread myths. 1 / The pink diamond market is not regulated FALSE.  The pink diamond market is not, in effect, regulated by any external financial authority, but the value of the stones is determined independently by the Rappaport Diamond Report, a benchmark for all professionals in the sector.  Although each stone has unique characteristics (4Cs: color, cut, carat and purity), its value is determined by very fixed scales, subject to variations in the stocks of real diamonds and gem production 2 / Does not exist a high return without a high risk TRUE BUT ... Unlike other values, the pa