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How to choose the engagement ring?

Are you ready to take the next step with your sweetheart?  You will find a wide choice of engagement rings  on other platforms of this type.  You will see that the traditional solitaire is still trendy, but other models are also beautiful.  Quickly, you will not know where to turn.  How to choose the engagement ring?  Here are a few tips. Buy according to your budget : When we love, we don't count.  It's known !  But with average prices ranging from to several thousand euros, setting the budget is essential to make a first sorting.  Besides, stay reasonable even if no engagement ring will be too beautiful or too expensive for your love.  Note also that other expenses are to be expected since there is a wedding at stake.  So make sure your bank account is ready for wedding rings, reception, decoration, outfits,  honeymoon  , etc. Choosing the right diamond : Choose the right stone if you want to go classic and offer the traditional diamond solitaire.  We know the diamond as a w