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Can the lock of a rental apartment be changed?

It is becoming more and more difficult to emancipate oneself, the conditions are not what they were and the general situation tends to delay the time of being able to start a life independently. But nothing is impossible and as they say who tries it in the end gets it. Therefore, if it is the first time that you leave the nest to fly to another place, you will surely have a lot of doubts, such as what expenses the landlord or landlady should cover and which tenants, or if I can change the lock of a rental apartment or on the contrary, it is prohibited. In this article we are going to focus specifically on this last question. Next, we solve all your doubts about whether it is legal to change the lock of a rental apartment, as well as other related and equally relevant questions. Continue reading for more information. CAN I CHANGE THE LOCK OF A RENTAL APARTMENT? Surely the question of whether I can change the lock of a rental apartment comes to your head because you have just move

Repairing garage doors - Funmetall offers solutions here

 Does it really have to be a new garage door or can the professionals at  Doors 4U Garage Doors  and repair your old garage door? Especially with older models made of metal, the lower spar of the door suffers from constant moisture. Those who don't care for their garage door regularly will find that rust can be a stubborn opponent for metal. The experts at  Doors 4U Garage Doors   have specialized in finding a solution to your metal problems. Replacing a garage door is usually associated with high costs, as the old garages usually require special-sized doors. We come to you with our mobile workshop and look for a cost-effective solution for you. In the case of garage doors, this often means making a new spar. Repair and maintenance are  Doors 4U Garage Doors  hobbyhorses. It doesn't always have to be the garage door. Anything made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum can usually be repaired or overhauled by a professional like  Doors 4U Garage Doors . Our company headquarters

Tips for sanding and polishing a hardwood floor

  Wooden floors require special care so as not to damage them when cleaning. But, of course, you have to clean them to avoid being in contact with dirt. In this post we give you some tips and advice on how to clean and polish your wooden floor so that they always look great. Renewing your hardwood floors Renewing that wooden floor in the bedroom or living room is already one of your top priorities at home. You know that smooth and shiny wood will allow you a more pleasant daily life, because there is nothing warmer in a house than a wooden floor. Sanding, polishing, cleaning: those are the three actions that you must record, only that we will allow you - and even advise - the use of an electric sander. As we always say, if you don't have this tool for sanding and polishing wooden floors , don't get frustrated. Think, find out, sure that someone in the neighborhood, a friend or relative, has or knows someone who has one: borrow it. This is how those of us who like to do things o

How is the debt recovery procedure?

This is the procedure that is followed when carrying out a judicial debt recovery procedure: Executive claim: a claim is filed with the debtor in the Courts of First Instance. Notification of the demand to the debtor and request for payment to the same Certification of the Property Registry: The Judge will request a registration of the mortgage registration and a list of the charges on the property. Auction of the mortgaged asset and payment to the creditor financial institution: until the day set for the auction to be held, the debtor may stop the procedure. Change of ownership of the property executed in the Property Registry, possession of the Property and, where appropriate, judicial launch: Once the auction is executed, the ownership of the property in the Property Registry will be modified in favor of the successful bidder in the auction who will have the right to be put in possession of the property. Types of debt recovery There are three types of debt recovery : friendly d

Problems with your air conditioning? Know the 5 most common solutions

In this compilation specified, the most practical solutions that Hogan hot water and air gave to the problems raised by users, so they will be prepared when an unforeseen event is present. Here we go! 1) Cleaning the filters Did you know that, if the air conditioning equipment is used normally, these devices are easy to maintain? It is important, above all, to keep the filters very clean. This domestic type of machine does not require special maintenance, as long as it works well. However, as an advice, I would say that the only important care is to have the filters well cleaned periodically (approximately once a year). How can you clean the filters? The filters in the wall split will appear as soon as the front cover is lifted from the device. To remove them, you just have to remove them downwards by raising a small tab, which you will easily locate. To clean them, just putting them under the shower or using a root brush is enough. To replace once dry, you just have to undo the previ