How to choose the engagement ring?

Are you ready to take the next step with your sweetheart? You will find a wide choice of engagement rings on other platforms of this type. You will see that the traditional solitaire is still trendy, but other models are also beautiful. Quickly, you will not know where to turn. How to choose the engagement ring? Here are a few tips.

Buy according to your budget :

When we love, we don't count. It's known ! But with average prices ranging from to several thousand euros, setting the budget is essential to make a first sorting. Besides, stay reasonable even if no engagement ring will be too beautiful or too expensive for your love. Note also that other expenses are to be expected since there is a wedding at stake. So make sure your bank account is ready for wedding rings, reception, decoration, outfits, honeymoon , etc.

Choosing the right diamond :

Choose the right stone if you want to go classic and offer the traditional diamond solitaire. We know the diamond as a white and transparent stone, like ultra clear glass. But many do not know that this stone exists in other colors:

  • The natural black diamond which is very rare and very expensive. However, some jewelers manage to treat natural white diamonds to blacken them.
  • The pink diamond, another rare version which is harder and therefore more complicated to work. It comes in several shades of pink hues.
  • The blue diamond produced in only 3 mines in the world.
  • Etc.

In any case, seek professional advice if you are unsure of which diamond to choose. He will be able to advise you on the main criteria for determining the quality of the stone, namely carat, clarity, color and cut.

engagement ring

Make sure she will like it :

Certainly, it is you who will offer the solitaire, it is you who will buy it, it is the proof of your love but… it is she who will wear it until the end of her days if all goes well. It is therefore better if the ring is to his liking. Several solutions are available to you to be sure to offer the ideal ring:

  • Tell her best friend about it and ask her what kind of engagement ring she would like.
  • Take a look around her jewelry box to see what type of ring she likes.
  • Automatically pass in front of a jeweler and try to get as much information as possible on his preferences, especially avoiding paying lip service to the demand that is being prepared.
  • Etc.

But being sure which ring she will like is not easy, even if you love yourself very much. Thus, many men prefer to offer a "dummy" engagement ring upon request and then choose the final ring in the company of the principal concerned.

Invest yourself fully in choosing the engagement ring to give to your future wife because this jewel will mark a crucial stage in your life as a couple. Give her something she loves, but also practical for everyday wear. And do not forget that the ring is only one pole of expenditure among many in the framework of a future marriage. You should plan for many other expenses.


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