6 benefits of visiting a winery

For a wine-growing area, wine tourism is a fundamental piece when it comes to promoting and disseminating different places around the world.

It is true that the quantity of individuals who choose wine tourism increases year after year and this is often not by chance. The unforgettable experiences and moments that are present in each winery, making the same visitors become popularizers of this through the social networks and in talks with friends or simply through word of mouth.

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Fortunately, the establishments have understood this, perfecting their activities and creating various options so that today a visit is not only to see where the wine is made, but also includes bicycles and horseback riding through vineyards, gastronomic options typical of the winery, accommodation, etc.

The benefits of visiting a winery are many, and here are the most important ones in my opinion:

1. Interact with owners

What better than to understand the history of a winery told by the owner himself. Stories that surely include immigrant great-grandparents, lands where there was nothing, and almost unknown work methodologies. This doesn't happen everywhere, mostly we can experience it in wineries that they called boutiques where the owner is the one will be welcoming us and take us to know their wines.

2. Meet the winemaker in person

For all oenophile there's nothing more satisfying than having the ability to interact personally with who creates the wine. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, we must take advantage of the moment to get rid of all our doubts and learn first-hand everything about wine.

3. Taste exclusive wines

Many times the wineries keep unique vintages for those who visit them, those that are no longer on the market, or limited consignments of wines that only saw the light of a few bottles. We will also have the opportunity to try before anyone else wines that have not yet been launched on the market, either while they are in the summer or directly from its tank or barrel before the fractionation. Contact Hunter Valley Tours for a wine tours today!

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4. Ask experts

This is related to point 2, where, in addition to the winemaker, we will be able to dialogue with the tour guides, qualified people to be able to answer everything that needs to do with the world of wine.

5. Dialogue with other visitors

The visits will not always be personalized or private (in the case of wanting it to be like that, it is specified in advance during the reservation), so we will find ourselves sharing moments with different people from everywhere the world, knowing their opinions and also taking note of our own anecdotes. The questions of others can help us to understand a little more about wine, its makers and its peculiarities. If its possible, try to interact with them and keep in touch as well.

6. Contemplate unique landscapes

Each winery has a unique style, from architecture and natural landscape to art spaces and incredible panoramas. Let's put cell phones aside for a moment, raise our heads and take that moment to perceive with all our senses what surrounds us. The aromas of these places are unique and I assure you that the next time we detect them, our memory will send us back to that moment, becoming unforgettable.

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Contact Hunter Valley Tours

Hunter Valley is one among the best known wine regions in Australia. The region has played a pivotal role in Australian wine history as one of the primary wine regions planted within the early 19th century.

There are more than 150 wineries scattered across the green hills of the region, and together they have accumulated 180 years of experience growing and fermenting grapes to make our favorite reds and whites.

Our boutique wine tasting tours are suitable for wine enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. You will get that personalized feeling of being greeted and treated like our special guest.

If your favorite wine is a drop of crunchy seed or you want to finally know what tannins are, it's time for a wine tour, and with Hunter Valley Tours you can.


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