Benefits of having an air conditioner

1. Breathe cleaner air

Most wall mounted air conditioners remove microscopic dust particles, transforming polluted air into clean, healthy air.

benefits of air conditioner

2. Maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Having a split will help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

3. Maintain the style in your home.

Today, has a very different sophisticated style to that of those monstrous devices that were made years ago. So if you have a modern and elegant room, do not worry about where to place the split, since the design of the equipment is the perfect solution for this or any other room in your house. In addition, thanks to its anti-corrosion coating and the ease of cleaning its filter, it will remain white as the first day.

Are you still hot in the summer? Five advantages of air conditioning that you might not know:

Summer is coming and, with it, high temperatures. There comes a time when, although there are ways to stay the house somewhat cooler, the warmth is unbearable, to the point of not having the ability to sleep at night if you do not have air conditioning at home.

Domestic refrigeration became popular in the 1960s in the United States - although the first models date back to the late 1920s - but since then, the technology has evolved a lot. If you're still hot in the summer, look out for these five advantages of air conditioning that you may not know about

air conditioning advantages

1. Air conditioning is more efficient than ever.

The vast majority of new air conditioners include inverter technology, which allows the operating power to be regulated at the desired temperature. In the past, appliances were turned off when the comfort temperature was reached, and turned on again when it rose. Thus, the apparatus was continually starting up, which is the most inefficient part of the process.

This great advance, together with a continuous improvement in technology, has raised the already high efficiency of air conditioning, capable of extracting three times more energy - that is, heat - from a home than it consumes.

2. The air conditioner is quieter than ever.

The widespread implementation of inverter technology, along with other advances, has made air conditioners much quieter. As they do not have to operate at maximum power, with all the noise that this implies in both the outdoor and indoor units, they are automatically regulated to offer maximum thermal comfort with minimal discomfort.

Many models even offer silent modes specially designed for those moments when we want maximum peace of mind. Either at night when sleeping, watching a movie or just relaxing reading.

air conditioning benefits

3. The air conditioning is more connected than ever.

Although not all models incorporate WiFi technology, it is increasingly common to find it, which allows absolute control of our air conditioning from the mobile phone, even if we are not at home.

Thanks to this technology, we can turn off the air at a certain time or turn it on the way home so that, when we get home, the environment is already at the desired temperature.

4. Air conditioning is also a great heating system.

Although for many people the heat it provides is not as pleasant as a radiator or stove, air conditioning is a very efficient heating system, with an efficiency of 300%. In other words, it is capable of converting more than three times the energy it consumes into heat (thermal energy).

Compared to any other system, be it electric, gas or diesel, with efficiencies between 90 and 109%, the difference is substantial. Of course, it should be remembered that the efficiency of the air conditioning is reduced with outside temperatures below 5ยบ, so it would only be suitable for temperate climates.

5. The air conditioning is cleaner than ever.

The new equipment already comes with special anti-allergy filters and built-in air purification systems, which make the air conditioning systems cleaner, improving the quality of the air in the home.

air conditioning experts Newcastle

Some models even include systems to prevent excess humidity from being reduced in the environment, helping to maintain adequate levels of comfort.

If you need help choosing the most suitable air conditioning equipment for your home or office, at Coles Refrigeration we can help you. Call us ... and enjoy the summer!


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