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A question about automatic garage doors, motorized gates, or other Garage doors 4u closing products? There is now an FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions, or Frequently Asked Questions for Anglophones), on the Garage doors 4u blog!

For this first series, Garage doors 4u answers various questions collected in recent weeks, concerning Garage doors 4u automatic garage doors.

If your question has not been answered, do not hesitate to ask in comment, Garage doors 4u will answer you as soon as possible!

1.Can someone successfully hijack the electronic code from my door and open it with another device?

Thanks to the Rolling Code technology present in all remotes supplied by Garage doors 4u , your garage doors and SMF gates are tamper-proof.

Indeed, the principle of Rolling Code is simple: each time the transmitter is used, a different code is sent.

The transmitter and receiver have the same algorithm, which ensures compatibility between the two, and the impossibility to open the garage door with a foreign device.

2. Can my door close on my car?

It's impossible. For security reasons, your Garage doors 4u garage door is equipped with detectors that immediately detect any resistance to closing.

In this case, the movement of the garage door reverses automatically.

We can further improve security by setting up a photocell.

3. What if there is a power failure and I can not open my door?

From the inside, it is possible to open your garage door by means of manual unlocking. This option is of course not possible from the outside for security reasons, unless you have a door with external unlocking (option, using a key).

4. How long can I be repaired?

Garage doors 4u will help you as quickly as possible depending on the urgency of the situation. In most cases SMF troubleshoots in less than 24 hours.

5.If I lose my beep, can I still open?

You should normally be in possession of several beeps or remote controls. Nevertheless, it is possible to open your Garage doors 4u closing product by manual unlocking, using a key provided when installing your garage door or Garage doors 4u portal, or by using push button inside.

In case of loss or theft, we advise you to make an appointment immediately to deprogram your transmitter.


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