Starter Motorbike Spares Handle For Motorcycle

The motorbike spares starter handle is the universal starting system for minibikes, mini cross and mini quads. It is a system specially designed so that the child can only start the vehicle. Although it is not exclusive to minibikes, mini cross and mini quads .

It is a very popular starting system among small engines, and is also used in generators and machinery in general.

The starter handle has always been one of the spare parts that caused more headaches to the customer of pocket bikes . The first shooter models brought the plastic gear and gave many problems. They were spent very soon either because of their weakness or because of the misuse that was made of it.

To replace the plastic handles, a more durable model was chosen, with aluminum gear . aluminum starter handle This type of starter handle significantly reduced wear and tear, but also made starting more difficult by being much harder. It costs more to start the minibike, mini cross or mini quad with an aluminum handle.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

In the constant motorbike spares search for efficiency and customer comfort, the wire gear handle was created . wire starter handle This model was much easier to start for a child, but it had a big problem and that was that the wires were bent very often. So after a short period of time, minibikes with this type of start stopped being manufactured.

The definitive evolution of the shooters came with the "easy start," the nylon gear starter puller . nylon gear starter handle It is the model that most pocket bikes now bring, since it is the one that works best and gives fewer problems. The nylon gear makes it easy and smooth to start the vehicle.

In order to change the plastic or aluminum handle of a minibike, this type of handle requires an adapter.

Therefore, not all shooters are the same, nor do all minibikes have the same shooter. In addition to showing you the different types of shooter there are, we also want to help you start your minibike, mini cross or children's quad.

Steps to follow to motorbike spares avoid breaking

As we have seen, these nylon handles come much more reinforced and it is more difficult to break it. Even so, it is essential to follow a series of guidelines to avoid problems with the starter handle and to extend its useful life:

It is necessary motorbike spares to give small touches to the fist in order to put the piston over the shirt. Especially when the Minamoto, mini cross or mini quad is cold.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

The rope should be pulled with one sharp blow without going all the way. This will prevent a part of the starter handle from breaking or tearing.

The engine will rarely start if we pull on the rope while the piston is in the rest part.

There is the option motorbike spares of finding the dead position above (maximum compression above the piston) when we reach the end of the rope. It is at this point that the starter handle can be broken.

We hope that these tips are useful for starting your mini bike, mini cross or mini quad. And if you still need a new starter handle for your vehicle, do not worry because at Apollo Motorcycles we have all types.

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