Repairing garage doors - Funmetall offers solutions here

 Does it really have to be a new garage door or can the professionals at Doors 4U Garage Doors and repair your old garage door?

Especially with older models made of metal, the lower spar of the door suffers from constant moisture. Those who don't care for their garage door regularly will find that rust can be a stubborn opponent for metal.

The experts at Doors 4U Garage Doors have specialized in finding a solution to your metal problems. Replacing a garage door is usually associated with high costs, as the old garages usually require special-sized doors. We come to you with our mobile workshop and look for a cost-effective solution for you. In the case of garage doors, this often means making a new spar.

Repair and maintenance are Doors 4U Garage Doors hobbyhorses. It doesn't always have to be the garage door. Anything made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum can usually be repaired or overhauled by a professional like Doors 4U Garage Doors.

Our company headquarters are in Leverkusen and our fitters' sphere of activity covers the entire area between Cologne and Düsseldorf. Do you have a challenge like a defective garage door, then talk to us. We will find a solution for you.

We Are Happy To Help

We do not let you down! If you have problems with your door, you can of course contact us immediately. We look after you competently and reliably in the event of any malfunctions and defects that have occurred. 

We repair and maintain rolling doors and rolling grilles, industrial doors and garage doors, sectional doors, up-and-over doors, swing doors, parking and loading platforms, hydraulic doors and awnings for you.

Your Advantage

We are close by and will help immediately. Garage Doors Newcastle repair gates of all types and manufacturers. We or our partners always have common spare parts in stock. In any case, we will carry out a professional needs analysis for you and decide together with you whether a repair with an exchange of parts or a new acquisition is recommended.

Repair and maintenance of garage doors in Cologne

We are not only your specialist for retrofitting manual garage doors to electric drives, but also for replacing old garage doors with new, modern alternatives. In addition, we offer you professional and comprehensive repairs and maintenance of damaged or defective garage doors. It does not matter whether it is a roller door, sectional door, an overhead door or an up-and-over door. We maintain all of these door types and repair them if necessary. We are able to repair all defects that frequently occur on garage doors at short notice and professionally.

Comprehensive maintenance of your garage door

Let us carry out maintenance on your roller doors newcastle, this includes numerous services. If maintenance is carried out regularly, the risk of many of the defects mentioned above is significantly reduced. Our garage door maintenance includes checking locks and cylinders and cleaning them thoroughly. We also check all the bolts on the door for strength and also check all seals. We check the tension and torsion springs for brittleness and damage and check all attachment points. If necessary, we will reset the door drive. With every maintenance we also lubricate all moving parts with special spray grease in order to maintain ease of movement. Call us now to make an appointment for the maintenance of your door.


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