Can the lock of a rental apartment be changed?

It is becoming more and more difficult to emancipate oneself, the conditions are not what they were and the general situation tends to delay the time of being able to start a life independently. But nothing is impossible and as they say who tries it in the end gets it. Therefore, if it is the first time that you leave the nest to fly to another place, you will surely have a lot of doubts, such as what expenses the landlord or landlady should cover and which tenants, or if I can change the lock of a rental apartment or on the contrary, it is prohibited.

In this article we are going to focus specifically on this last question. Next, we solve all your doubts about whether it is legal to change the lock of a rental apartment, as well as other related and equally relevant questions. Continue reading for more information.

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Surely the question of whether I can change the lock of a rental apartment comes to your head because you have just moved to an apartment, the landlady or landlord has given you the keys and you are wondering if the former tenants can have a copy of it and if they can enter the home at any time without consent.

Fortunately for you and for everyone who has just rented a property, the answer is yes. Yes, you can change the lock of a rental apartment without any problem. There is no law against specifying which tenant can proceed to change the lock in a rented apartment. You must take into account that renting a home means having it for your use and enjoyment, therefore, if you wonder if I can change the lock on a rental apartment, the answer is yes.

In addition, changing the locks in rented apartments is a highly recommended measure to improve the security and tranquility of the tenants. It is about putting all the necessary measures to avoid the entry without consent of people who may have been with a set of keys. Also, you should know that most home insurance - if you have one - does not cover theft of objects and personal belongings if the lock has not been forced.


As it is an expense that we decided to make on our own, since the previous lock was in perfect condition and, therefore, it is not a repair or breakdown, the cost for changing the lock is somewhat That depends solely and exclusively on the tenant - lessee. Now, as it is a product that gives a greater value to the home - since it improves the security of the home - it is advisable to try to negotiate with the owner - landlord - to try to reach an agreement.

Sometimes in the contract there are usually some separate clauses related to the expenses derived from the use of the property. It is advisable to keep an eye on it, first of all.


The truth is that just as you can change the lock of a rental apartment; this action can also be carried out without notifying the landlord. It is legal to change the lock of a rental apartment without having to notify the landlord, however, our recommendation is that you notify your landlord so that he is aware and that you explain the reasons why you want to do it - emphasizing that it is for a security issue. In this way, you will ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that a good landlord / tenant relationship prevails.

Now, another very frequent question is whether a copy of the new keys should be given to the landlord. The answer is no; it is not required. The only reason why it is usually advisable to give a copy of the keys to the landlord is to gain access to the house in case you lose the keys or forget them inside, although you can also give them to family or friends. If you do not have copies, you will have to contact professional locksmiths so that they can carry out the opening of said door in the cleanest way possible and without damaging the lock.

Regardless of all this, what you should be clear about is that as a tenant you are obliged to hand over the keys once your rental contract ends. Just as the landlord must return the deposit - as long as there are no damages, which will be deducted from it - the tenant must return the copy of all the keys, even if it has been paid by him / her.


Another general question, seen from the point of view of the landlord (owner), is whether the lock of the rental apartment can be changed while it is rented. The answer is no. In this case, a crime would be being committed since there is a through contract that indicates that the house is intended for the use and enjoyment of those who signed the rental contract. Even in the event that there are squatters, it is best to report it since otherwise you could incur a crime punishable by law.


Unless the tenant gives him express permission, the owner cannot enter the rental housing while it is intended for the use and enjoyment of others. Otherwise, a home invasion would be committed, as reflected in article 202 of the Civil Code, which reads as follows: "The individual who does not live in the house will not be able to access without express consent."



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