Problems with your air conditioning? Know the 5 most common solutions

In this compilation specified, the most practical solutions that Hogan hot water and air gave to the problems raised by users, so they will be prepared when an unforeseen event is present. Here we go!

air conditioning repair

1) Cleaning the filters

Did you know that, if the air conditioning equipment is used normally, these devices are easy to maintain? It is important, above all, to keep the filters very clean.

This domestic type of machine does not require special maintenance, as long as it works well. However, as an advice, I would say that the only important care is to have the filters well cleaned periodically (approximately once a year).

How can you clean the filters?

The filters in the wall split will appear as soon as the front cover is lifted from the device. To remove them, you just have to remove them downwards by raising a small tab, which you will easily locate. To clean them, just putting them under the shower or using a root brush is enough. To replace once dry, you just have to undo the previous steps and fit them in their place of origin.

2) Bad smells when turning on the equipment

The bad smell of the air conditioning is produced by multiple causes and that the devices suck or absorb the air of the room that they are going to air condition. In this solution I give you the two most common cases that I have found.

The smell you notice may be due to condensation from the water in the inner coil. If you use the air conditioning only in summer it is normal that throughout the year water has accumulated in the battery, forming mold, and the bad smell that is given off in the first use will cause this.

The grids that you indicate to me, I imagine they are the filters and the housing, and actually that cleaning is not going to solve the odor problem, but I am glad that you cleaned limp.

When you remove those pieces you can see an aluminum battery inside the device, and that is the piece that needs to be cleaned. Unfortunately, it is not something that can be done by a user level, you will need professional help since it is a delicate piece and you also have to disassemble the entire device.

On the other hand, bad odors can also come from the equipment drain, due to the lack of a siphon. To solve this, you must include a siphon in the installation. However, as I mentioned before, it is important that you contact a professional to assess the case and resolve it.

3) Water expulsion

Drops of water coming out of your air conditioning is totally normal since they are the result of the evaporation process that takes place inside the machine. But not all of them enjoy this normality, in this case I will tell you the positive and the not so good part of this liquid in your team.

I have good news for you, that your air conditioning leaks water, it is not only normal, but it is also a symptom of good operation. The amount will depend on the humidity in the environment, but as long as you continue to release water, you can breathe easy.

If, on the other hand, it expels water and this splash towards the interior, the first thing you should do is check the water outlet from your device, in case it has been clogged or it is a fault in the installation. If you have a container at the water outlet, it is very important to make sure that it is not full, because if it is and touches the tube, it produces a vacuum and sale to the device.

If everything is correct and you continue with the problem, the battery of the equipment may produce some ice due to a lack of coolant or a problem in the coolant pressure. In this case, observe if frost occurs on the battery to rule out this cause and it is best to call a technician to verify and give you the best solution.

4) The equipment does not cool well

If during the months when you need air conditioning the most, the heat does not give you respite and your equipment does not cool well, it is important that you are prepared. I hope to help you with this answer.

You clearly have a fault and it can be due to many factors. In order to have an accurate diagnosis, it is important that you call a technician to locate said fault, but to help you have things clearer I am going to list a series of possible faults:

  • Lack of gas. Due to a leak in the refrigerant circuit, either due to a fault in the installation or the presence of pores in the pipe.
  • The compressor does not start. It occurs when the fan start capacitor does not turn or due to a fault in the fan motor.
  • Lack of refrigerant. There may be a small leak in the circuit and therefore the machine loses performance. To verify this, a leak test must be carried out.
  • Lack of cleanliness in the filters. Go to the first question;)

On the other hand, that it does not cool properly is also due to the orientation of your home. That is, if your house is south facing, it will be warmer than north facing. That is why you may notice a difference with other equipment in the rooms of your home.

air conditioning repair

5) Noises

The air conditioner may present noise and vibrations from both the indoor and outdoor units. To know some causes, be sure to read the following:

The noise you are telling me may be due to several reasons: lack of gas in the refrigeration line, lack of oil in the compressor or a cleaning problem in the filters.

For the first two cases, it may be convenient to change it for a new one, once the technician has analyzed the state in which it is, the life of the device, the price of a repair ...

The noises can also be due to external agents such as small birds that decide to leave their nest in your equipment and in this case, using the air with the nest in the conductors could damage the motor, in addition to damaging the circuit in general.

The best thing you can do is, before turning it on, remove the nest and make sure that there is no debris left that could get into the equipment. And to prevent it from happening again, you can place a fabric or fabric similar to a mosquito net, in the area through which they have entered.

If we've had some of these issues or met someone who needs them, share these solutions and tips to get to know your team better!


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