The importance of graphic design in our business cards

You may think that a piece of paper is not very important or that it will only serve to communicate certain data. The reality is that a card (no matter how small) speaks a lot about your company or service. The graphic design that we apply on it will depend on whether a potential client always takes it close to you to turn to you when they need it.

business card printing

"Business cards talk about you, your company and your services, so we must plan your design very well"

Key aspects of card design

The design of business cards ranges from the paper we use for printing to the data and logo that are displayed on it. It is for this reason that using only the services of the printer can limit your opportunities. Most of them work with basic templates because obviously their job is about printing and getting good results.

Sometimes we sin to put our creativity in motion excessively, and it is important to think about what you want to convey. For example, you will have to define if you want an individual card or a corporate one. This way you could avoid the inconvenience of receiving calls on your personal phone about company matters.

After defining the type of card you need, it is time to decide what data you want to put on it. This goes hand in hand with identifying your target audience and the way you develop the service you offer.

Sometimes, it is more practical to put your electronic communication channels than a physical address. It is important to define it since there are those who want to put even the fax number, and the result is a saturation in our card.

What do we include on our card?

If you are a self-employed person, don't rule out the idea of designing a logo that identifies you and your services to include it on your card. Since this will give you a more professional image, in addition to that this brand will help the client to remember you easily.

When we say that the business card talks about you, we cannot be tempted to saturate such a small space with images and letters. On the contrary, when it comes to business card design, we should apply "less is more”. You can play with lines or colors, discreet designs or something more daring, but it is important that we get a good image that identifies with us or our business.

Well, we already advise you that you have to be careful with how to fill a small space, but in terms of quality and type of paper, ink, format, design and printing, it is in what you should not cut yourself.

We said it at the beginning, your card must be something that the client wants to carry in their wallet or keep in their card holder and, although it seems simple, even the texture we use will play a fundamental role in that result.


Now, with a little more awareness about what a business card represents for your company or services, it is time to analyze very well what you want to convey in your logo, the usefulness of the contact information and in whose hands you put the design and printing of that idea.

Although it is clear that knowing the service you offer your mind will be full of ideas, it does not always mean that these are the most appropriate to be captured. Graphic design work must be more complex and delicate if you really want to attract potential clients.

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