The reception structures concerned - House Accommodation

The person must reside in an Cornwall House Accommodation facility for dependent elderly people - retirement home or long-term care unit, for example - or in a home. The assistance granted by the Caf is then used to cover the costs, which are the responsibility of the resident or his family.

For tenants of a hostel, financial support is deducted from the amount of their fee.


This aid is allocated according to: the resources of the beneficiary, the location, the amount of the rent in residential accommodation - or the accommodation rate in nursing homes, and finally the existence of an agreement between the manager of the establishment and the State .

Certain conditions linked to occupied accommodation must also be taken into account. Thus, the surface area must be at least 9 m² for one person and 16 m² for two people. In nursing homes, more than two people cannot occupy the same room. The Caf then allocates personalized housing assistance (Apl) or social housing allowance (Als), which cannot be combined.

Its payment

The aid is paid directly to the beneficiary. It can also be done at the establishment, if the latter has signed an agreement with the State, which sets the conditions for changing rents or House Accommodation rates. Its amount is then deducted from the accommodation rate remaining payable by the resident or from his rent - if he resides in hostel accommodation.

In case of difficulty 

If the resident's income is too low, he can obtain departmental social assistance, distributed to anyone whose resources are insufficient to cover the cost of accommodation in a nursing home. Awarded by the departmental council, this service is used to cover - in whole or in part - the costs of stay, subject to meeting certain conditions.

More concretely, this program meets all housing needs while promoting social diversity. It ensures a balanced and diversified distribution of the housing supply throughout the Agglomeration Community.

The House of Housing welcomes you, advises and assists (assistance to project management with or without technical mission, project management) for the improvement or adaptation of the habitat through its social, financial and technique for disadvantaged, elderly and / or disabled people and renovation expertise and advice.

The House of Housing welcomes you, informs you and facilitates the search for accommodation in Auscitains by giving the list of vacant accommodation in the city of Auch and its living area.

The House of Housing manages the rental of 4 relay housing with a view to their subletting to students undergoing professional training in order to facilitate their access to employment. Three of these accommodations are approved for temporary housing allowance (ALT).


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