When to call a level 2 electrician and when not

An electrician is a tradesman who has a skill set and specialization in electrical issues. Electricians have a wide variety of jobs, such as installing the electrical system and troubleshooting electrical problems. Keep in mind that there are different types of electricians who do different electrical jobs. Here are some scenarios where you should and when you should decide to call a Level 2 electrician.

level 2 electrician

General electrical service

If you have a new property and need an electrical supply, you will need a Level 2 electrician to do this job. They will supply electricity to the new property from an underground or overhead system. This will also cover the installation of new electricity and metering poles. Also, if you are doing a renovation, it means that the electrical system will have to be disconnected and reconnected. You will also need a level 2 electrician for this project.

Now, if you need to update your home's lighting or install new fixtures, you can go with a regular electrician to do it for you. Ordinary electricians mainly focus on performing electrical work required by residential spaces, such as troubleshooting electrical equipment, heating and air conditioning. 

If you have a problem with the light fixture because the plug has melted due to the high heat from the bulb or other light fixture, the plug replacement can be done by an electrician or regular official. You can also consult a regular electrician if you have problems with switches and outlets. In other words, they can only deal with minor electrical issues and repairs.

level 2 electrician services

Critical electrical service

For situations with a critical electrical problem, you will need someone with sufficient and in-depth training, knowledge, skills and expertise. Examples of critical issues are storm damaged utility poles, excavations, locating faulty power lines, overhead cable issues, installing utility poles and replacing poles. Dealing with these types of issues is very dangerous and you cannot afford to make any mistakes if you hire a hobby electrician. It may cause bad work which will lead to accident. 

To make sure this work is done correctly and safely, hire a Level 2 electrician. Exposed electrical parts are another electrical hazard. This will result in electric shock and burns, so these items will need to be secured and repaired. Only level 2 electricians are qualified for this type of work because they have an adequate protection mechanism to check it and provide solutions.

Overhead power lines are also considered dangerous because power lines are powered and supplied with very high voltages. If there are any complications or problems with the overhead power lines, immediately call a level 2 electrician. An untrained and unlicensed person should not attempt to fix this problem as they could be severely burned and electrocuted. Non-electrical workers are always advised to stay away from any problem with overhead power lines to avoid hazards in the area.

To reduce the risk of accidents due to electrical problems, you should always follow safe practices and know what you can and cannot do. Never take the risk of doing the job yourself or hiring someone who has no experience, especially if you are not confident enough. Always seek the assistance of an authorized person who can work safely within their knowledge and experience and who has the capacity to work within their capabilities. 

level 2 electrical services

Regardless of the magnitude of the electrical problem, you should always contact an electrician licensed by an electrician in Newcastle. Having a permit means that a person is certified to work legally and covered by insurance, so if something goes wrong they won't have to pay.

A licensed electrician makes sure that the work they do is of high quality and that they will do it in accordance with guidelines provided by the city or state. This does not mean that other unlicensed electricians are unsure, it just means that hiring certified electricians will give you more peace of mind knowing that they have the important qualifications and give you the confidence that the job will be done. Plus, licensed electricians will help you save money in the long run because they know the best solution to your electrical problems.


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