8 Physiotherapy tips before you start running

Running is one of the important physical activities, in addition to being very accessible, you just need willpower and some tips like the ones I describe below. It is important that before performing any physical activity you have a medical evaluation which will allow you to perform these activities without any problem, likewise, you have to plan the goals you have in mind, such as running 10 km, it is advisable not to run them if not you have the endurance capacity and the necessary condition in a single session, that is, start with a short route that does not cause fatigue and this in turn does not discourage the attitude of continuing with this activity.

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Get a medical and physiotherapy checkup

Normally we ignore it when starting a physical activity, and in this case we should not leave it pending since with a good physical and medical evaluation, important injuries that lead to the cessation of activity can be avoided. Once we are sure that we do not have any respiratory, cardiovascular, joint or muscular problems that prevent us from doing aerobic exercise, we can move on. Contact Transcend Health for more info.

Think short, medium and long term

The best way to start is to do it slowly and slowly, gradually and progressively to achieve the metabolic changes that are required to continue the activity, for example, resistance to fatigue.

Being motivated will be an important part of the evaluation since will and perseverance will play an important role so as not to get discouraged at first. Setting a long-term goal is very good motivation.

Starting in this way, we will progressively notice improvements and these changes are what will guide us to move forward.

Eat healthily

Even if we already follow a balanced diet, it is a good time to make changes in our eating habits and get the most out of our sports routine.

This must be accompanied by good hydration before, during and after exercise to improve performance, reduce fatigue and optimize results.

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Wear appropriate clothing and footwear

Any small discomfort at rest will multiply at the time of the race so it is not necessary to invest large amounts of money in fashion items since in the physiotherapeutic evaluation they will be able to guide you as to the type of specific footwear suitable for your footprint and shape of the foot. foot, also that you will feel comfort during all your activity and you will prevent associated injuries or joint deformities.

Clothes must allow us total freedom of movement. Natural and technical fabrics help to eliminate sweat and keep our body dry. In the case of women, a good sports bra is essential to protect the chest from sudden movements.


If you are used to leading a totally sedentary life, a good way to break this routine can be to walk, taking advantage of the way to school, work, shopping or a free time to walk at a good pace and start putting your body in marches progressively.

Respect your abilities

At this point you have to commit. It should not surprise you if 5 minutes after starting physical activity you feel that the fatigue is extreme, this at the beginning is normal due to the lack of habit and physical conditioning but once you have achieved the habit you will forget about this. As a physiotherapist at Transcend Health, I insist on listening to your body and not forcing when we already know we cannot. Alternate sections at different speeds walking and jogging at our own pace and leave at least one day of rest between your workouts, to regain strength.

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Make a plan

When drawing up an initial plan, you have to choose at what time we will go running, which routes we like and which are comfortable for us. At this stage is where we must improve our own brands and win ourselves. The ideal is to improve one brand per week, however simple it may be, you have to start improving time, speed and resistance. If we have it in writing and in sight, it will be easier to concentrate and comply with it.

Don't forget the warm-up and posture

It must always be remembered, but in the beginning even more. Before starting to run, it is better to walk a stretch and take the opportunity to do gentle stretches with circular movements to loosen the knees, ankles and hips.

It is also a good time to pay attention to posture, stride and breathing, if we get used to keeping our body straight and stepping well from the beginning we will perform better in the race and above all we will avoid hurting ourselves.

Before any discomfort, immediately consult with your doctor and physiotherapist, they will be able to guide you and give a good management to your situation.


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