Why is it so important to fence schools?

When it comes to schools, some children and even parents associate fencing with many negative images surrounding loss of freedom and cheating.

That being said, fencing in schools is undeniably important for a vast number of reasons. If designed correctly, given the multitude of visually appealing designs and colors, fences can provide the necessary security feature that schools need, without being an eyesore or looking too prison-like.

If you need to convince yourself more about its importance, consider some of the top reasons schools have fences in the first place.

school fences

Keeps children safe and sound

Schools without proper fencing around playgrounds leave children in danger from sexual predators, kidnappers, and even wild animals. It also means that children who try to avoid classes have an easier way to escape. If you need fencing services, don't hesitate to contact Fencing Specialist.

Obviously, no principal (no, not even the one you had when you were little) really wants to have gates around the perimeter of the school, but they need to have something in place so the kids are safe and parents can get it. Get on with your daily life without worrying about your children at school.

Improved image of the school

When a school has a well-designed, well-constructed, and aesthetically pleasing fence, it can help elevate the overall image of the school. Schools want to be considered a safe place for children and they want parents who take their children there to feel that they will be safe enough.

That's why schools need to budget wisely and invest well in a good quality fence. Despite some of the negatives associated with billboards, they really are a great way to make a first impression on visitors.

After all, they are the first thing the parents of prospective students will see when they approach or pass. There are no rules saying that a school fence has to be depressing, boring and cold stainless steel.

There are a wide variety of options and a school could even incorporate its colors into the fence, providing a sense of cohesion between the outside and inside of the school.


As parents cannot always be there to protect their little ones, it is up to schools to provide a safe and protective environment for them, while they are under the care of the faculty. Children can often be coerced and convinced to go with strangers if they say they are there to pick them up and drive them home. One of the worst nightmares for a father is the idea of ​​her son being kidnapped.

fences in schools

When schools fail to invest wisely in insufficient security, the risk of this happening increases.

Consider the fact that in other countries during 2014-2015 there were more than 1,141 kidnappings and kidnappings of children.

As terrifying as that statistic may be, that doesn't explain the many more that may not have been recorded by the police. The school fence is there to keep intruders outside and children safe inside. When they are carefully designed and durable materials are used, you prevent infringements, be they criminal or anything else.

Neighborhood safety

When schools are located within residential housing areas, security is owed not only to the students who attend that school, but also to the owners and their property. Children who can easily miss school during the hours they are supposed to be in school can have all kinds of problems that can have a direct impact on the local area.

Elderly residents in the area can often feel anxious and threatened, both physically and emotionally by specific students and therefore fear for their safety and well-being. That is another good reason why the school fence is of vital importance.

Runaway students

Although schools do their best to engage students and make school enjoyable and fulfilling, there are always some children who just don't like school at all. It could be stress from your school work, bullies, or something else. Schools that do not have adequate security measures, such as high-quality, sturdy fences, make it much easier for students to roam during free periods, playtime, lunchtime, or even during school hours. lessons.

fences in schools

This can lead them to miss a few periods or simply take the whole day off and lose learning. Schools have a serious legal responsibility towards the children in their care, especially while school is in session.

Take this sobering illustration as an example of the importance of fences: If a child runs away from school for lack of fences and is then hit by a car, the school would be the legally at fault for not taking proper safety measures and installation of a fence.


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